Tuesday, 10 November 2009

withering in despondant futility

NB has packed up his sequins and hooker heels and gone AWOL. After a final melodramatic self pitying tantrum Jade's gone off to focus her attention on her latest hobby - horse genitals. No one's claimed harassment and threatened to delete their blog in months.

RD in his own little utopian bubble, (like the Golden Girls), still valiantly believes telling us about his red electric kettle, new wrinkles and withered drumstick keeps us enthralled and gasping for more.

WHERE has all the fun gone from Kottu??


Anonymous said...

Padashow Indi Samarajiva is silent too. Looks like all of them have finally got a life............ !

Schmindi Samueljeevz said...

I am not Padashow jackass. I'm a good boy OK ! Its only Asvajit Boyle and Subha Wijeysiriwardene aka Electra.... I am a good boy. I am a boy. Trust me I'm a good boy. I am a good boy jackass.. I even have a Lancanadian name. So i'm a good boy.

Schmindi Samueljeevz

Anonymous said...

I think the 'fun' left the building around the same time you walked in.

Anonymous said...

oh Zoltan, when you started out I had such high hopes for you! :/ come on dude, do something creative like your first couple of posts!

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Anonymous said...

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